My Ambition Far Exceeds My Talent

“Becoming a man of value to the world.”

I am Dominic Steil, and I want to make solar energy our global primary source. I want to capitalize on energy deregulation through network marketing, I am an International Business Analyst, I am a serial and social entrepreneur, I am a computer programming amateur, I am a social media strategist, I believe smart cities, Urban Operating System, and municipal WiFI is next, I am an Astronomy and Space enthusiast, I know how to speak English and Spanish and I want to learn Portuguese and Mandarin next, I am interning at an International Holdings company and networking club in Barcelona, but most of all, I am driven.


My New Business Journal

Yesterday I purchased a brown leather book and a new black pen. This will be my International Business and Entrepreneurship Journal. In it will contain notes, ideas, contacts, tips, tricks, computer code, progression, and ultimately it will be an invaluable tool for whatever future ventures I will have.

“Your philosophies-Your thinking-Your attitude-Your actions”


International Business


Great Article, everyone really should go abroad!

What you didn’t know about the Internet

Every Minute

  1. 204 million emails are sent
  2. Amazon does $83,000 in sales
  3. 1 new app is created
  4. 61,000 minutes of music are played on Pandora
  5. 600 videos are uploaded to YouTube
  6. 98,000 tweets are generated


What is the Urban Operating System?


The UOS (Urban Operating System) is the industrialization of the internet. It is the springboard for all of the futuristic municipal applications. It is the wireless infrastructure that turns cities into 21st century smart cities.


It is funny to think that in old pictures of the future there are these omniscient biosphere type bubbles covering the city. These bubbles are WiFi! I am not talking about regular 250 Kbps mesh design WiFi with some free public access points, I am talking about high speed Mbps networks that operate as a single integrated infrastructure. Don’t believe me? In March 13′, the city of San Jose, California installed this type of platform in a private-public partnership with Ruckus Wireless and SmartWAVE Technologies. Many of these municipal WiFi projects have failed because of high cost, not enough server capacity, and lack of coverage. However, the technology has finally caught up and by tapping into to existing Fiber infrastructure municipal application is seeing a lot of upside. One of the problems with the old Municipal WiFi model was that the cost would be covered by ad revenue. This failed to work and many cities had to abandon the hopes of providing free wireless to it’s inhabitants. The UOS model covers the cost by integrating the WIFI with pay to park systems, public transportation, traffic systems, and we will see many future applications as well. The UOS will be a proactive public service that will benefit security, service systems, and make for the best urban living experience. These smart cities will become centers of innovation and be the model for all tech-savvy cities to follow.




Just recieved my first ACN Residual Check! I am ready to take this business to the next level here in Barcelona starting now. Big things these next few months!

Solar will Win!!!

378486_554142814602197_1776229545_n“[Electrohydrodynamic thrust] is capable of a much higher efficiency than any combustion reaction device, such as a rocket or jet thrust-production device,”

Ionic thrusters + solar energy + 3D printing = airplanes powered by electricity.