Network Marketing

Problem: The Hunt for Wifi.

Caveman-communication-in-the-workplace-I read somewhere in the past couple weeks something that stuck in my head and I have been noticing it in restaurants, at schools, on Facebook. It was something like: When cavemen went somewhere new the first thing that asked themselves , Where Is the Food? Nowadays us more groomed, civilized, and tech-savvy cavemen go somewhere new and the first thing we ask is, Where is the WiFi?

This question is asked in many different languages,  in many different places, and the hunt never ends. Every time we go into restaurants, bars, hotels, airports, city centers, schools it is one of first things we check of our list: We got WiFi, Oh its free even better, it works fine, SOLID.

We have to have our connect. I mean common I only have so much data per month and I am buying food at this restaurant the LEAST you can do is let me surf the web at a faster pace. Then there are those networks and places where they have free WIFI but… it works once in a blue moon or if you can connect it takes ages to load anything. I’ve seen it a million times. We all have experienced this frustrating problem that seems to follow us everywhere we go.

So here is my solution.

As a pretext, I want you to think about the bottled water market. YEARS ago and NOW.

Why on Earth would anyone go out and buy Bottled Water? I can go to the sink. The water is free? Its water what do you mean you’re going to bottle it and sell it?

Well it will taste better, people can carry it around with them. It can come in different volumes. We can even add some vitamins in there!

SO… I’m thinking that if we can sell bottled water, we can sell “bottled” WIFI.

WIFI= Water

Water the essential ingredient to life. WIFI the essential ingredient to life.

Volume of Water= Time of WIFI

I can get a mini bottle of water, I can get an ounce, maybe a couple liters if I’m feeling thirsty. The same thing for this, your TIME on the network is what you are paying for. You can get an hour, a couple hours, or hey you’re going on a business trip for the weekend and you’re going to need a 3 day pass to take on the plane and at you’re hotel because they charge for WIFI at a much higher cost.

Vitamins= Speed of Connection.

Vitamin Water. I buy it. I believe it. Taste good. WIFI vitamins… I don’t know quite yet but something to BUFF up that connectivity. Surf at a faster rate something like that.

The end-user market will look something like: I walk into my grocery store, local market, 7-11, gas station, pick up a “bottle” (I say bottle because I have no idea what this product looks like yet, or what technology will be involved, but I do know that this “bottle” will create a Blue Ocean for the mobile hot spot industry) of 3 hours of high speed WIFI, throw it in my backpack and surf the web faster, not spend the car ride home trying to hack people’s networks as we drive by them, and then when I get home I can get on my network. 🙂

The solution to THIS HUGE PROBLEM: The Hunt for WIFI, is giving the general population of sophisticated cavemen a Product that will always be at A, B, or C; they KNOW it will always deliver high speed connectivity  and they can take it with them wherever they go . It’s gotta be rechargeable the same way water bottles are recyclable.

Market Research: there is iPass which only works with enterprises and business now.

my IDEA creates a Blue Ocean in the market for WiFi users globally.

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