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make solar energy at homeEnterprise problems:

The hunt for wifi

Student loan debt + underemployment

Fossil fuels as primary energy source


Cost effective, mobile, timed hot spots

MLM with essential services… AKA ACN.

Solar energy. BIPV



EURO TRIP 241Off to Italy for the next two weeks for Spring Break 13′!


Study abroad! Seriously though.

ACN International in Barcelona

barc 037The next ACN International Event is coming to Barcelona! I am ecstatic right now! This news gives me more motivation to stay here over the summer and continue building my organization!

The International will be October 4th- 6th. I definitely am going to make a push this last weeks of March and into April. This summer will be full of good time at the beach and building an International Business.

I really can’t believe the timing of this news! I feel very fortunate to be where I am right now. Being abroad in Barcelona is putting me in the best possible position to succeed in this company and future business ventures.

By the end of this summer I will be fluent in Spanish from all the promoting of this event! This truly is the right place at the right time, especially if you are abroad now. Yes it is a risk, like any business; but I know what’s on the table and I plan on capitalizing on it for the next 5 months.

Personal Branding

EURO TRIP 098I have always sold the solution and the vision. I thoroughly enjoy getting someone intellectually engaged in a future result that is good for them and getting them to emotionally commit to take action to achieve that result.

This I what I do, and will continue to do in the energy industry.

My name is Dom Steil and I am an entrepreneur and innovator. I always find myself trying to come up with new inventions, ways to make every day devices more efficient and effective. I am convincing to others, I enjoy explaining ideas, goals, visions, plans. I run with them and try and exude everything I have learned in them. These ideas derive from knowledge from school courses, past experiences and current endeavors for my self-interest. I want to be a person of value and to be a person of value you have to work towards something that is valuable to others as well. I find that solar energy has the most upside when it comes to economic and environmental potential. This is what sets me apart. I have a vision for solar energy and drive to change the industry. I want to capitalize on the solar energy transformation and be at the forefront of a modern day gold rush. How will I do this? By establishing myself as an expert in the energy industry through network marketing and creating business relationships that will grow strong through the successful leap from fossil fuels to solar energy as our global primary energy source.



THis is what my kids will play with, and then they will invent something.



Fox News Article on Personal Branding for Job Seekers

Fox News Article on Personal Branding for Job Seekers

Establish your personal brand!