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A Day of Networking In Barcelona

Yesterday I had a pretty surreal day.

After my classes, I went to the Mobile World Congress and saw some amazing companies. All the big shots gathering around to present the next wave of technology featuring longer battery life, water proof devices, apps, mobile initiatives for developing countries, mobile security.

I then took a taxi to my advanced training at ACN BCN. The meeting was completely in Spanish but I was able to understand the exact same concepts I was taught in the United States. I met some great contacts in the area and also learned new diagrams, ways of thinking, and most importantly the products ACN is partnered with here in Spain.

After that I took another taxi to Gild International Business Club to watch the Real Madrid v. Barcelona Soccer game. This club was awesome. I was in the presence of business men from all over the world attending the Mobile World Congress 2013 here in Barcelona. It was an absolute privilege to network with the people there, talk about international business, cultural perspectives in business, and future business ideas.

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