Network Marketing

I felt like a boss because I was in my prime

I felt like a boss because I was in my prime.

In my Career Development class we did an exercise where we had to think of 2 situations where we felt completely in control and everything was going as planned. Immediately I thought back to my days playing national ranked tournament baseball (age 14) and my time right after graduating high school (age 18).

We then closed our eyes and had to think of adjectives and verbs which described these two moments and recite them as someone else wrote them down.

From the list we had to take two of the words and make a sentence out of them.

My two words were Boss and Prime.

Then we had to come up with a sentence using the two words, hence the quote above.

This exercise made my realize that I am in the right field of entrepreneurship, network marketing, and the energy industry.

The reason I came up with this sentence is because at both of these points in my life I knew how to do the do, I was on point. I was dedicated. Practice, repetition, and drive.

I will be at this point again with my business. It takes hard work. Energy, Effort, and Execution. My organizations will dominate just as my team did, and just as I did when I felt on top of the world on the beach in Hawaii with my friends I grew up with all my life.

Only this time when I hit that point where I know I have arrived, I know I’m a boss in my prime , the result will be financial freedom.

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