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Final Weekly Schedule

I am committing 10-15 hours a week to my Network Marketing Business.

It is a very consistent and persistent schedule. I am keeping this system as simple as possible.


  • Lunch with Core group of entrepreneurs building the Barcelona Market


  • Business Meeting using Third Party Tools. Introduce entrepreneurs to ACN.


  • Training Event using Third Party Tools. Go through the “book” every person gets, show them how the system works, have them talk to their top 10 contacts over the weekend.

I make my calls on Sundays, we meet Monday at Lunch, discuss the weekend, and they bring their contacts to the Business Meeting on Tuesday Night. Follow ups calls on Wednesday for the Training on Thursday.

Sticking to this Plan through April. Not deviating at all. It will create momentum and it will be easy to duplicate because everyone who partners with us will be on this plan using third party tools.

Keeping the whole organization on Google+ Platform.

  • Next Events on Calender
  • Virtual Communication on “Hangout” from and Iphone or Computer
  • Work on Google Docs together if we need to.

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