Network Marketing

Keep It Simple

I have turned a new leaf with network marketing after listening to a USB on a 3 hour bus ride from Paris to Lille, France.

It is about being persistent and consistent with every action I do in the business.

It is about making simple, mundane, persistent, consistent actions that will duplicate seamlessly creating an organization that moves away from you.

It is using and promoting the third party tools to show the business opportunity. When I am approaching someone about the business opportunity I want them to say to themselves:

a) I can do this.

b) I have time to do this.

c) I wouldn’t mind doing this.

The only way this is going to happen is by using third party tools, trainings, and events provided by ACN. The reason is this. If I have all these documents and all these presentations that I made that may be factual correct and in my opinion are amazing, the person I am presenting to will say to themselves:

a) I don’t know all this

b) I don’t have time to make all this

c) I don’t want to do this.

The money is in the simplicity of this business.

Every single IBO when they sign up receives their little book about ACN and the business model. This little book comes in different languages, and is mailed to a new IBO when they sign up. Your job is to tell them to read it. When they sign up new partners their job is to tell them to read it. They are not creating any other tools, infomercials, infographs, powerpoints, anything like that. It will NOT duplicate and your organization will go nowhere.

The whole trick to network marketing is being consistent and persistent with your actions when approaching someone about the business, the product, and the training events. Others will see that you are consistent and persistent with your actions and this will replicate to 5 levels below you, 10 levels below you, to someone in a another country that you don’t even know, or when a DUD in this business shows a STUD in this business.

Once you have mastered the mundane, simple actions that drives an organization and others in your organization recognize that you have… THAT is when you become worthy to be viewed as the teacher or expert and your business takes off.

That is the point when residual income takes off.

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