A Day of Networking In Barcelona

Yesterday I had a pretty surreal day.

After my classes, I went to the Mobile World Congress and saw some amazing companies. All the big shots gathering around to present the next wave of technology featuring longer battery life, water proof devices, apps, mobile initiatives for developing countries, mobile security.

I then took a taxi to my advanced training at ACN BCN. The meeting was completely in Spanish but I was able to understand the exact same concepts I was taught in the United States. I met some great contacts in the area and also learned new diagrams, ways of thinking, and most importantly the products ACN is partnered with here in Spain.

After that I took another taxi to Gild International Business Club to watch the Real Madrid v. Barcelona Soccer game. This club was awesome. I was in the presence of business men from all over the world attending the Mobile World Congress 2013 here in Barcelona. It was an absolute privilege to network with the people there, talk about international business, cultural perspectives in business, and future business ideas.



This morning I went to ACN BCN, this business center for networkers here in Barcelona. What a great group of people there. I felt very welcomed and so fortunate to find a place with like-minded entrepreneurs.

They have a great business schedule that fits in seamlessly with my classes, I get another opportunity to practice my Spanish, and I have another excellent resource for my business expansion.

I also was introduced to some awesome networking tools.

Lukkom- Networking App


Triplife.com – Networking on Travel

I also finally got a hold of an opportunity DVD for the Spanish ACN market. It was very different then the US version. It used upbeat music and a whole different video platform.

Tomorrow I am attending ACN BCN’s advanced training session from 6pm -9 pm then heading home to catch the Barcelona v. Real Madrid game!

Making moves and on the grind!


How 3D printing could revolutionize the solar energy industry

How 3D printing could revolutionize the solar energy industry

I thought I was the only one dreaming about this.

Some of the Basics

It is designed to create sales and marketing ability by giving compensation to the company’s promoters of products and services.

They only receives based on the number of products or services they sold by their own ways and means especially to the sales of their down line network.


To widen the networking status, it is necessary to recruit an efficient and effective down line to those capable distributors who have the high possibilities of building an own customer base.

“Find out how you can make money from Barcelona while you are back at college.”

People are always on social net-working sites. Once you learn the how, position yourself in a professional image as the expert in the network marketing/ energy deregulation game and subsequently live the life financially free to do whatever you want.

You pay 500 dollars to get in the game as a TT. Sign up your energy bill and that of three other people (4 points). Sign up for your business assistant (2 points). You are now a QTT. You need to find two business partners to hit ETT. Find business partner number 1 and get him to QTT. Find business partner number 2 and get him to QTT. Get one more energy customer for your promotion to ETT.


The whole trick of ACN is to hit ETT, and then help everyone on your team hit ETT. This is the bread and butter of the company. If you can do this, you can be SVP. 

You are in the business of helping others achieve a goal, and then helping them help others achieve their goals. 


If you were making $70,000 a year would you consider yourself wealthy? No… But if you were making $70,000 a year in residuals a year would you consider yourself wealthy, probably.

I need to work with entrepreneurs in the Barcelona area that share my big vision and want to work in a collaborative effort to expand this organization throughout Europe.


Become known as the very best in the game. You don’t go to the alright surgeon, you don’t go to the alright trainer; people want to work with the best. The only way to be great at the game, is to get into the game and master it.

I felt like a boss because I was in my prime

Future Job?

Very interesting. I could see myself opening up the market.


Why not?

Warren Buffet and Bill Gates said that the deregulation of energy will be the greatest shift in wealth in our lifetime.

50% of college graduates in the year 2012 are underemployed or jobless.

Jack Welch said Energy Deregulation will be bigger than the internet.

Why not become your own boss, and work when you want, with who you want, wherever you want, in the modern day gold rush? You have to look at this recession as an advantage!!! There are more talented people out there that are hungry and looking for something big. I think that it is awesome when people think that mlm is a scam. The corporate rat race is the scam. Why would I trade in my time for money from someone who doesn’t care about me? I can work with my friends, family, and like-minded, driven, entrepreneurs to create a successful energy empire. It is a simple system, and failure cannot cope with persistence. Its all about patience combined with energy, effort, and execution; no matter how many times I fail in this game, I eventually will succeed. My “Mastermind group” will become experts in the game and prove that this MLM opportunity isn’t a scam. It’s not complicated, and it’s not something you want to look back on 5 years from now and say that if only I had signed up I would be…