“Facts tell and Stories Sell”

Everything you say or do needs to enhance your position as an expert and a leader who can show others exactly how to get what he or she really wants from ACN. You want others to come to you, not the other way around. An example I once heard at a International Conference was from a very successful Independent Business Owner in ACN. He told a story about Ducks and people. What do ducks love? Bread. Ducks love bread they will eat it all day. However, if you run at the ducks and chase them with bread what will they do? They will run away. Why run at the ducks when all you have to do is sit on the bench and throw some out there for them to eat. They will all come to you. All you got to do is just throw some bread out there, and they will eat it.

If you are chasing clients with money, savings, and opportunity and begging them to join the best thing that has ever been invented, sorry to say, they will run away. Plain and simple. But, if you show them a little money, a little more the next time, clients will start coming to you.

So how do you show them the money, how do you throw the bread out there to eat? First off it helps to display your ambitions and your lifestyle.

People want to follow successful people and not be left behind.

Just throw some of that bread out there and the duck who is hungry will come and eat it. CAST a vision where you’re GOING, and others who want the same will not want to be left behind! Upload that picture with Top Producing Millionaire SVP on Facebook and the next day tweet @DealershipLosGatos #R8 #planning my next purchase… people are going to start wondering whatsup? Damn… he’s making money in that company? Yeah and he made HIM a $1,000 in the first month through people’s PG&E bills.

“No one buys a drill because they want a drill, they want a hole”


I am going to be an expert in the energy deregulation game by my mid-twenties. This is because of who I am, not because of the business opportunity that I told you about. I use my assets and value as a person and my expertise in this booming deregulation of energy market to be successful. If you want, I can show you how to lead others and help them achieve success in whatever it is they want.

 ACN is the drill, and the hole is whatever someone wants to achieve. You need to show others that they can use ACN as the tool with which to accomplish their goals. I am using ACN to eliminate college debt and gain financial capital in the form of residuals for future solar investment. I’ll teach you how to use the drill and you can teach others how to do the same. If you understand this concept, you too can be a millionaire and we can live the life you have always dreamed of.

Half of network marketing is advertising your opportunity. Letting others know that you are in the deregulation of energy game. The other, more important half is advertising your expertise, your knowledge, and your lifestyle because of the game you are in. 

Capitalize on Energy Deregulation

Is there a Demand for this type of business?

Yes. Given the ongoing employment struggle for college graduates and the millions of unemployed and underemployed, this burgeoning business is a great opportunity. Also all of these recent graduates are coming out of college thousands of dollars in debt. The two keys that make an opportunity in the energy sector so attractive: First, there is nothing to sell as people already budget for these services. Second, as the economy worsens these services will not be the ones that people cancel.

What is the Opportunity?

Energy Commodities Trader

The Logistics: California – PG&E has 4.3 Million Gas Customers

The key to my success in this industry is to become known as the very best energy deregulation expert in the San Francisco Bay Area. From San Francisco to San Jose if someone is interested in getting into the industry they are referred to me.

To be in this position I need to:

A) Learn the past, present and future of energy deregulation. I need to educate myself on everything there is to know about this huge economic opportunity.

B) Make it known that because of my capitalization on the deregulation of energy; I am living a life with financial freedom. This leverage comes heavily through social networking and the internet. Displaying my success story is the catalyst for growth in my company and future employment opportunity.

C) I need to teach what I know to others and share their success. This will establish me as the expert and prove that it is a legitimate business.

Gas and Electricity Commodities Trading Partners

Illinois- Nicor Gas has 2.2 Million Customers / COMED has 5.4 Million Electricity Customers

New Jersey- PSG&E has 1.7 Million Gas Customers and 2.1 Million Electricity Customers

The key to being a trader in this market is to show your client that with the deregulation of energy they now have choice.

If you can do the following you can be a millionaire when people turn on the lights when they get home:

  • Create a way that is comfortable and informative for your client to become you’re energy customer.
  • An easy way to see the two rates, their current procurement rate through their provider and the rate you can trade them. Show the number’s side by side and the actually annual savings they will be making.
  • Easy to verify that it makes savings with other customers they may know.
  • Spark their curiosity as to how you are able to be an energy commodities trader.


This is my new professional blog however I am also giving a little update on my time abroad so far. I am taking a Career Development class here in Barcelona and I am learning so much. The effects social media have on personal branding, international networking, and business building are invaluable . Aside from this, I have been enjoying my time here in this amazing city. I arrived here on January 8, 2013. I can’t believe its been almost three weeks. This first week was mind-blowing. The architecture, the people, the leisure time, and the night life. Still have my jaw dropped at times. My first FC Barcelona game was unreal, although Messi didn’t play because they crushed Cordaba 5-0. People go about life very differently here. Much more walking, everywhere, young people and elderly.They walk everywhere. I am still getting used to the food and how much bread and coffee is a part of meals. My Spanish is improving a ton and I can hold conversations with most people I meet. I hope to come back to the states fluent. The Catalan language is very different and I don’t understand it at all. I do enjoy the culture barrier at times. My residence is about a 15 minute walk from the beach and I can’t wait til it gets hot out. We also have a pool on the roof which will be awesome. I have some traveling coming up to Paris; then Andorra to snowboard, Belgium; Ireland and hopefully more places over the next 5 months. I am taking a ton of pictures and videos but I am still looking for the best platform I want to upload them to. Hasta Luego!


I am your vehicle

Dominic Steil: Entrepreneur in the Energy Industry

E for Entrepreneur

Efficient and Effective

“My Room number in Barcelona is “E 101”.





“Whether you think can or you cannot, you’re right.”- Henry Ford

“Energy deregulation will lead to “the greatest wealth transfer in American history”. – Warren Buffet and Bill Gates

“Energy deregulation will be ‘bigger than the Internet’– Jack Welch

“If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.’- President Obama

I want to earn $ 250,000 a month and eliminate my college debt; I will give my energy, effort, and all out execution. I, Dominic Steil, want to achieve this by the age of 25 by capitalizing on Energy Deregulation through ACN and helping others do the same.