Dom Steil

Bitcoin | Blockchain | Technology


This year I spent time building for the future. Remote from home, building systems with people around the world. The digital distance to engage has never been shorter. Physically distant yet self-organizing and connected in this cybernetic, always on, state interpretation. We have singleton moments like the world cup but most everything else is somewhat fractal, polarized, cherry picked, self enforcing. The physical world still operates in it’s own localities, with opt-ins games to play. There are writers in Nashville’s, Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley’s, Actors in LA’s. All playing different games and in different states of mind. Though there is the evermore capturing digital realm that we are all aspirants in. Characters known within a digital singleton. How do we find and verify truth in this digital realm? What is the means the global community of humans on the internet, can settle against? What is the totem of objective reality in digital world filled with bots, deepfakes, pfp avatars, hit / puff pieces? Is block height and header hash the flag of technological and provably indifferent and unbiased truth? What are the implications of humanity interpreting reality through a single pane of glass we all individually have? Can we build a future network where there is privacy preserving veridical proof?