Dom Steil

Bitcoin | Blockchain | Technology


This past year was very different then any year in the previous decade or for that matter of my lifetime. The world changed rapidly. Everything that seemed to be accelerating before definielty is now. I spent alot of time this year on writing code. I wrote code for fetching and transforming data for machine learning. I wrote a ton of next.js react and graphQL based web applications. I wrote more Kotlin and learned more about the lower infrastrucutre automation tools and devops practionining. I am learning more about Deep Learning. I am spending tons of time on my phone. I spent alot of time learning about Zero Knowledge Proof circuits and how they can be applied to B2B automation. The world is somewhat polarized, collaboratively filtered to ones view and group. This filtering is breaking some of the discourse that is needed to resolve issues, to advance society. Bitcoin and Blockchain and AI is accelerating fast as the world watches the US and China compete for the future.